Weasley here!


Weasley here. My dear friend, as you know by the pseudonym of ‘Potter’, has been forcing me to leave an introductory message on this Blog. I’m not sure how to do this (as you can see by the way I’ve started off) and I may not be very good at it either. I hope you still want to stick around since I may be more like you, than either of us know!

I shall not be revealing my personal details but there’s still lots you can know about me! I’m a teenager which probably leaves you to the conclusion that like every other teenager, I’m a DramaQueen, and to some extent I agree with this. I exaggerate my problems, gossip at times, put myself under stress by thinking of all the work I need to complete for school, look at myself at least a hundred times in the mirror, feel unsatisfied with the amount of clothing I own (even if the closet door refuses to shut) and much more. I could probably go on forever! Having said all this I believe I am attentive in my studies and enjoy going to school. 

I’m a person with interests of sorts. Now this may be a wee but boring but… I like playing sports however I’m horrible at it and have the stamina of a 2 year old. Swimming is my personal favourite however due to my busy and packed schedule I get very little time for it. I enjoy dancing and I’m quite decent at it (or at least I think I am), and I like singing but my voice is, to put it in the best way, not very pleasing. As you can see or may have already guessed, I have a passion of writing. I LOVE to eat and try new varieties of food, but on the contrary, I’m quite choosy, and my Moms Homemade Food is my favourite. I love to indulge myself in, and know about various cultures and traditions. And just like Potter, I too want to see most of the world and hopefully someday be  ‘Living out of a suitcase’.

I’m really excited to start my journey as a ‘Blogger’, and something tells me that I am about to learn a lot more than I offer on this little blog. And hopefully this ‘little’ blog may become a huge and successful blog! 





Meet Potter!

Hey there,
I’m Potter. I worked on this post for really long, it seemed as though I just couldn’t get the first line right. When I imagined writing an introductory post in my head, I thought “Wow,that’s going to be pretty easy”, considering it’s just me I’m writing about! But it took me like 3 minutes to prove myself wrong.The thing about introducing yourself through a blog, is that it’s really difficult because you need to decide what you want to share; what’s the first thing you associate with yourself; what makes you different or similar to everybody else? But what really sucks is that I had never paid so much attention to any of this, to the tiny details about myself, and I bet a lot of you reading this haven’t either. There is a great possibility you have imagined where you’re going to be 10 years down the line, which college you’ll graduate from or which city you’ll settle in one day and with whom!  But in this process of thinking ahead we forget the tiny things, the ones that matter, the ones that define us. So, In the lines you read ahead I’m going to share the random facts, the small quirks about me that make me, well, ME! 
For starters, I’m a 14 year old girl. I’m talkative and outgoing and I’m pretty girly in a few ways! I love everything about theater and I’m really into performing, though I regret not being able to sing due to my horrible, worse than Moaning Myrtle voice! I’m a passionate traveler, a foodie and I love to read and express my thoughts through writing.The idea of travelling really excites me and it’s my dream to see most of the world! I’m always up for a good laugh or a fun party. You may think I’m strange but I really love attending school and I also love Mondays. How can you not be excited for the first day of the week? 
I can’t think of other stuff I would want to share with you, but don’t worry. I will as soon as I remember something! I hope that you love our blog and give us loads of feedback and suggestions so that we can make it even better. As you may know, we’re knew to this whole blogging thing and we would really love to check out your blog too, so do let us know if you’re a blogger!

Welcome to the Potter Weasley blog! You have entered the lives and imagination of two teenagers. We are new to experiences, and are on the lookout for an audience to share them with, and you , hopefully will join the journey!
We are huge fans of Harry Potter..the blog’s title probably gave that away! But don’t worry we have a huge variety of things we want to talk about. Being young and opinionated we want our posts to vary and would love to hear your ideas as well!

As most young writers we suffer from the writer’s block and would like to wait until we are comfortable sharing our identity’s. We will let you into our lives  though, we will upload our individual introductions soon, as you may like to discover whether you’re more like Potter or Weasley!


Potter Weasley