What to do when you’re bored.

I get bored very often. Not cause I have nothing to do, but sometimes I just have so much to do that I prefer doing nothing (and then later I feel guilty cause I wasted my time!). But nevertheless, I always need to find something to do in my free time. So I decided to make a list of all the things one can do when bored. I have also considered the fact that when someone is bored they tend to do lazy things, because let’s face it, you wouldn’t be bored if you weren’t lazy! Here it goes:

1. Take selfies- There is absolutely nothing better to do than filling your phones memory with selfies. Oh, and you can always go and post them on Instagram tagging them as ‘#shamelessselfies’, or ‘#selfiesunday’, even though it may not be a sunday because let’s face it, you WANT to be a cool kid.  

2. Watch YouTube videos (preferably funny ones)- The best thing about this is that you will burn calories without even realising it! (I just made you a whole lot more interested, didn’t I?). This is because you will be in absolute fits of laughter, therefore you will end up working those abs.

3. Get some rest!- If you are anything like me, then you need to sleep or take a nap. I barely sleep at night and I’m tired through out the day and one way to just kill time is to sleep. You can even try lucid dreaming which is basically when you are able to control your dreams.

4. Be a pain- Call/impose on your friends whether they like it or not (because chances are that you are going to absolutely enjoy watching them get pissed). Go on, go do it now!

5. Stop being a goddamn lazy douche bag, get up and do what you’re supposed to! You know what I’m talking about. GO! Do it! 




Why you still reading this?


Get your lazy ass of the seat and do what you’re supposed to.







I think not. 


Do you want me to come there? No?




-The awesome sauce of Weasley


The List.

Hi you,

Okay so remember my post about the army base thing? That basically happened when we were on a school trip..a lot of crazy shit happened there. For instance, I damaged my vocal cords because of all the screaming but lets not get into that! What I do want to talk about however, is The List.

So I bet you have a bucket list? It may not be a really proper one but you have a vague idea in your head, right? Well, anyhow my friends and I finally started working on ours and after that process started I’ve been finding myself on travel websites and all those blogs that talk about new and amazing experiences because I just want to add it all to the list and hence not miss out on anything at all. 

Our list is insane. It has stuff like robbing a bank, learning to con people, hell..we even added discovering unicorns! But it also has those real things. The one’s a lot of us our dying to accomplish. Stuff like a road trip around Europe (can’t wait for that one!) or something as silly as getting into a bar fight. Ever since that talk about our List started we haven’t been able to stop. And I can’t wait to begin. I shall very soon.

Well, the point of this post was that make a list. Make lists. They keep you creative. They lead you to your goals and they keep you occupied because the first step of accomplishing anything is deciding what you want to accomplish, what your goal really is. 

I’m not asking you to go all YOLO and stuff..I’m just asking you to jot down things that are really important. Times running out so you better get going. 

Oh and remember to add a few lame things on the list..because believe it or not accomplishing one thing somehow gives you hope that you’ll be able to do all the others. The bigger ones. The scarier ones.

I’m dying to know what’s on your list! Please don’t forget to comment.



PS: The robbing the bank thing and the bar fight thing may suggest we have violent and criminal tendencies. But I promise you my friends are the nicest people ever. We wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

PPS: Okay maybe not that nice also. But we’re good kids. 



Do you Spill Silly Secrets?

Hi you,

Around 11 of my best friends and I are having a ‘Secret Santa’ among ourselves. I know, my brilliant idea (don’t judge, I promise I’m not as self obsessed as I seem!).  Anyhow, the sad part is that I’m one of the the only few of us actually trying to maintain the ‘secret’ part of it. I know you think me lame but that is the whole freaking point, right?

Well, since I am a blabber mouth I may have told like 2 people but I’m still not as bad as others, Weasley for instance. 

To my friends : I love you guys, each one of you and I also love how we can’t keep things from each other. But seriously  lets surprise one another!

Stop Spilling!

Forever yours,


PS: I know this post makes me seem like a hypocrite since I’m a blabber mouth.

PPS: I’m not (a hypocrite). Its just that I’m genuinely serious about this lame ‘secret’.

PPPS: Sorry, nothing really, just wanted a PPPS! 


Getting to the other side!

Weasley and I are out together for a couple of days. It’s a school trip, exciting right? Well, guess what? No. So it’s one of those awkward times when you know everybody travelling along with you but you don’t really like them or in our case, don’t know them well enough. Different friends and stuff, you get,right?
Anyway,the good part is, I’ve got her and she’s got me and we’ve got you, to rant to because you’re patient and understanding. We’ve also got J and she’s being ultra sweet about it. We love you jackass!!
So the basic point of this post is to discuss situations like these, I mean we all face them all the time. We have two options we can just whine about and not enjoy them because of the sadness we’re dwelling in, or we can look at this as an opportunity to make new friends and have a blast because life’s all about change!
Sadly, we are in between at the moment, honestly more towards the first option! But we’re trying to enjoy. We have made a successful start, we had fun moments with others! It’ll soon be okay,I hope!

Trying to get to the other side,


No plans this birthday.

My Birthday’s going to be here in 2 days. 23rd of October.

I was really excited a month ago for my birthday, but my excitement was kind of washed away when I realized there is going to be a 5 day school trip for all the geography and EVM students and we will be leaving early in the morning ON MY FREAKKIN BIRTHDAY!

Really, not the best way to celebrate ones birthday.

And not all are my friends are going to be with me since a lot of them haven’t chosen Geography or EVM for their IGCSE.

So basically I’ll most likely have to get up at 5.30am on my birthday, quickly get ready, have my parents drop me off at the airport, meet my friends (which are few in number cause majority of the students are 10th graders and out of the few 9th graders most of my close friends are missing), and spend a few hours in the flight, and ‘enjoy’ the hectic day planned ahead.

‘Its going to be SO much fun’- *Sarcastic voice*

For now I don’t really care. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just have to deal with it.



P.S: Initially the trip wasn’t actually planned on the date of my birthday but had later been postponed due to bad weather at the destination.

I never saw this coming.


Savour this moment Jackass

Here’s to my two:


Ridiculously stupid dimwits





Senseless fools…

…Or as Potter and I refer to them: FRIENDS (See what I did there?)

So Potter and I finally built up the courage to tell two of our butt-head friends about our blog (actually Potter did, I found it so awkward and just hid under the table and occasionally started screaming). These ‘butt-heads’ are our closest friends (more like BFF’s- except we hate using that term).

To someone who doesn’t know us, we may seem like mortal enemies, but I guess that’s the case with all friends, right?

I guess the reason Potter and I were hesitating to tell them was cause of the scrutiny we thought we might have to face. But now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be supporting us (hopefully!).

I love these guys and they mean the world to me. And I know I always tell them that I would without a doubt sacrifice them in case of an alien invasion or whatever but that’s probably the last thing I would ever do.

Too cheesy, eh? I got a bit emotional writing this piece. Now I’m going to do other stuff because anything else is more important than dedicating a post to these Jackasses (J) and Meerkats (M).


PS: I hope I haven’t made any grammar errors. My friends a Grammar-Nazi (Yes J, that’s you I’m talking about!)


Weekly Shot #2

Hey you,

Okay, I know the week is coming to an end, at least for me back here at home. I don’t get time zones, but that’s a different story and please don’t get me started on it! But I’m so so sorry for being late.

Okay, so for the second Weekly Shot, I recommend to you The 30 second dance party!

Yeah. I know a lot of you Greys Anatomy fans out there will be like,”yeah sure that’s fun!” but a lot of you will be like, “yeah sure..so NOT fun!”

I don’t love GA or anything but I sure do love the idea! I mean my crazy friends and I tried  but failed, because…

a) It was lunch break and thus no music. And…

b) We laughed too hard to actually enjoy the dancing bit!

But whatever, go out there, have a 30 second dance party and let your hair down! Because however wanna-be-ish or stupid it may sound, we all deserve to enjoy. To laugh. To be really wild. Make the most of the those 30 seconds people, it’s pretty easy to have fun, no?