Let’s just kill him/her! (My theory)

So I have this theory where I believe that authors just want me to cry and live in pain. Why do I say so?

Well, Let’s see….. Because they kill everyone I F***ING LOVE. I believe their thought process goes pretty much like this: Oh look at this lovely character which everyone is going to adore… LETS KILL IT!

I’m sure most of you out there have experienced this kind of torture. For example take the last book I read, The Fault In Our Stars. The last few chapters, I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and I just couldn’t stop because he killed Augustus Waters! HE EFFING KILLED HIM! I tried so hard not to cry, and for some reason I was so sure I would not cry when he died. But FUUUUUUUUUU….

I believe that writers have to cause some kind of pain to their readers so they feel completely satisfied. And I know that this they don’t do it purposely but writers seriously need to stop causing me pain.


Kill me now,



P.S: This post was written when I was in a post-TheFaultInOurStars-trauma and I just couldn’t help myself so I may sound a bit frustrated.


I just told somebody about our blog!

Okay, so Weasley and I are following this strict policy where we tell only limited people about our blog. But I can’t help but spread it, I suck at keeping things to myself! Anyway, the good part is, she told somebody she wasn’t suppose to too..so I guess we’re even. 

I really want to post stuff, lot of exciting things going on for me right now but as Weasley already told you guys, exam pressure is killing us! After the 20th brace yourselves, I’m going to blog away to glory. 

Whomsoever is reading this, I love you for being on our blog even though we haven’t been writing much recently. 

I swear we’re fun people!

Yours forever,


PS: Really random post, right?