Sappy dramas to the rescue

Hi there,

You know  that point in your holidays when you think you’ve spent enough time doing nothing? Well, I’ve reached that. I traveled, I read, I glanced at my holiday homework, just glanced because starting that load is a decision too responsible for somebody like me. I watched movies, indulged in un-intelligent but highly absorbing shows like Gossip Girl but now I can’t take anymore and having faced most of what, I officially declare as my most boring day of the holidays, I want school. Call me crazy, my friends already do.

Oh and I forgot to mention the numerous times I met those losers until they took of to their fancy vacations to Turkey and Thailand and the States, just as I had. I want them back. So bad.

That leaves me you, and my laptop and hours to waste. Sadly for me, this rant took no longer than a few minutes.. I must now return to those residents of the Upper East Side, who wait anxiously as I un-pause and lose my self to a few more hours of meaningless drama and broken hearts. Will it be too much if I end my post saying XOXO- Gossip girl?

Your bored friend,