No plans this birthday.

My Birthday’s going to be here in 2 days. 23rd of October.

I was really excited a month ago for my birthday, but my excitement was kind of washed away when I realized there is going to be a 5 day school trip for all the geography and EVM students and we will be leaving early in the morning ON MY FREAKKIN BIRTHDAY!

Really, not the best way to celebrate ones birthday.

And not all are my friends are going to be with me since a lot of them haven’t chosen Geography or EVM for their IGCSE.

So basically I’ll most likely have to get up at 5.30am on my birthday, quickly get ready, have my parents drop me off at the airport, meet my friends (which are few in number cause majority of the students are 10th graders and out of the few 9th graders most of my close friends are missing), and spend a few hours in the flight, and ‘enjoy’ the hectic day planned ahead.

‘Its going to be SO much fun’- *Sarcastic voice*

For now I don’t really care. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just have to deal with it.



P.S: Initially the trip wasn’t actually planned on the date of my birthday but had later been postponed due to bad weather at the destination.

I never saw this coming.


Savour this moment Jackass

Here’s to my two:


Ridiculously stupid dimwits





Senseless fools…

…Or as Potter and I refer to them: FRIENDS (See what I did there?)

So Potter and I finally built up the courage to tell two of our butt-head friends about our blog (actually Potter did, I found it so awkward and just hid under the table and occasionally started screaming). These ‘butt-heads’ are our closest friends (more like BFF’s- except we hate using that term).

To someone who doesn’t know us, we may seem like mortal enemies, but I guess that’s the case with all friends, right?

I guess the reason Potter and I were hesitating to tell them was cause of the scrutiny we thought we might have to face. But now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be supporting us (hopefully!).

I love these guys and they mean the world to me. And I know I always tell them that I would without a doubt sacrifice them in case of an alien invasion or whatever but that’s probably the last thing I would ever do.

Too cheesy, eh? I got a bit emotional writing this piece. Now I’m going to do other stuff because anything else is more important than dedicating a post to these Jackasses (J) and Meerkats (M).


PS: I hope I haven’t made any grammar errors. My friends a Grammar-Nazi (Yes J, that’s you I’m talking about!)