Blog revival and Pre-Exam jitters!

Very evidently for the longest time ever, Potter and I completely forgot about the existence of this blog.

How could we forgot? School and stuff I guess. No reasonable explanation really.


Anyways, our exams begin in approximately 4 days and THE FEELING I HAVE RIGHT NOW IS SO GODDAMN DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN. IT JUST SUCKS! This feeling just hits me at random times during the day and it pretty much started today. It’s something which is really difficult to explain. It’s not really fear, definitely not happiness, not even nervousness (okay, maybe slight nervousness), but this feeling as a whole is something else.

I know, I know, I don’t make sense. And I’m not even sure how many of you will be able to understand what I really mean. But they’re just pre-exam jitters I guess. 



In a state of confusion, as always,



Have we quit blogging?

Hi there,

Okay, I’m just being optimistic here but I’m hoping there is at least 1 person who visits this blog sometimes. I’m just being optimistic but if it’s you, I love you.

So why have we not been blogging?

Okay I’ll spare you the cliche (but true) answers of wayy too much school work, no time, upcoming exams, student council work, blah,blah, blah…

My excuse this time is that I just forgot that this blog existed. So apart from being boring with nothing new to share, I had also forgotten that I can just post crap here for you to read. And some of you nice, beautiful people like it and stuff. I love that, so like away.

I also realized that I’m going to blog…because now that I am, I’m loving it. So I’m going to force my lazy ass to come over here and write stuff,

Oh and Weasley is of the opinion that we should just stop and hence the subject.

I’m trying to talk her out of it!

Yours forever,