I feel blocked.

From whom you wonder. From myself. I have never before sat in front of a computer screen so blank, and for so long thinking about what to write. Sometimes I’m overflowing with ideas and other times I just know what I want to talk about. But not this time.

I’ve been trying to blog for the past 3 days but I don’t know whether I’m too lazy to think or what! And this is not like me, so I feel somewhat disconnected.

Even going to school doesn’t excite me anymore. Like classes aren’t that fun. Just those same old regular jokes and wishing for the teacher to be absent. And I absolutely don’t want any tests because studying is the last thing I want to do.

I don’t know whether I’m just extremely bored or having mood swings but I absolutely HATE this feeling!




A lie to myself

I’m having a lot of trouble with Physics recently. I never hated the subject before but I wasn’t extremely inclined to it either. However before I never had trouble with it.

But recently I’m not doing well in physics. I’m not doing well at all in physics. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get anything below an A this year. But for physics, let’s just say exceptions have to be made.


But basically i’m doing this new thing that Potter suggested I try. ‘Lying to myself’. So as the name suggest You are supposed to lie to yourself. I basically have written ‘I ❤ PHYSICS’ and have pinned it up on my soft board. I look at it everyday
You must be thinking ‘how will this help?’
Well, I’m not sure if it is going to help me but the point is that I look at this lie everyday. Eventually my mind is going to believe its true. Kind of like ‘playing games with your own head’. And so I will start to believe that I truly love physics. And hopefully will get inclined to it.

I hope it works!


PS: I have my physics examination tomorrow. So screwed!

PPS: Yes Potter, I’m still mad at you for telling ‘someone’ about our blog.