My blogging experience.

When Potter and I decided to have a blog I was super excited about it. I was excited to share my experience and I also thought it would keep me in practice of writing. It’s not like I’ve been writing essays or anything. Sometimes you realize that a picture is sufficient enough to share your thoughts.

However so far I have realized that the real experience is in reading someones else’s blog and being able to relate to it or hear their opinions which sometimes are very different, but not wrong. Being involved in someones life who you wouldn’t have otherwise known, or simply just listening to their side of the story and may be even questioning their perspective.

And the real joy is not just in publishing a post, but in reading the comments of your readers, and listening to their side of the argument.

It is not just in sharing from which I, as a blogger, get the joy. But it is in listening to the stories and perspectives of people who I will possibly never know. And that is the real ‘Blogging Experience’.



I just told somebody about our blog!

Okay, so Weasley and I are following this strict policy where we tell only limited people about our blog. But I can’t help but spread it, I suck at keeping things to myself! Anyway, the good part is, she told somebody she wasn’t suppose to too..so I guess we’re even. 

I really want to post stuff, lot of exciting things going on for me right now but as Weasley already told you guys, exam pressure is killing us! After the 20th brace yourselves, I’m going to blog away to glory. 

Whomsoever is reading this, I love you for being on our blog even though we haven’t been writing much recently. 

I swear we’re fun people!

Yours forever,


PS: Really random post, right?