Weekly Shot #1- Must-watch movie!

Okay, so here’s an add on to Weasley’s earlier post about ‘Movies or Plays?’. The movie, ‘Double Indemnity’ is a classic in the Noir genre. This black and white flick was a milestone of this dark and cynical genre and has been heavily recommended to me by a trusted source!

So, that’s why I want you to go explore the charm of the 1940’s, watch this legendary movie and let me know your views!



PS: It’s in black and white guys, so worth a watch!

PPS: visit http://classic-movies.yoexpert.com/classic-movies-general/what-does-the-phrase-%22film-noir-style%22-mean-1195.html to learn more about this genre of movies!


Life on the edge, literally!


The Bungee Experience

‘Standing on a bridge. Your heart is beating at its fastest. You’re all alone. You look down. You see no support. It’s too late to change your mind. Adrenaline pumps into your body like it has never before. You can’t concentrate. Your mind is thinking of a million things. Is death one of those million things? Prayers in your head… and whooooosh!

You’re down. The wind against your face, and you’re trust in the rope has been betrayed! But no, you’re not dead. And Whoosh! The rope has finally held onto you. You’re safe. Still hanging in the air midway, upside-down. Thanking God. Thanking yourself.’

Yes, that was my first Bungee experience! I can’t even describe those moments I had on the edge of the bridge. Those feelings had been completely anonymous to me until then. I had never felt such nervousness and excitement in my entire life.

You may think Bungee Jumping is an experience for the more adventurous sort. For the kind who enjoy trying new and different experiences. For “The Adrenaline Junkies” as society calls them. But no! All my cousins and I did it. Some of us were crazy and super excited about it, however a little scared. Most of us kept changing our minds. We wanted to do it but just needed that little push (literally!).

I have a fear of heights. Not a phobia. Just a fear. I can’t even jump from the 5th step of a staircase! But what got me to really do it was when I realized that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. It’s an experience I just can’t miss! And afterwards I wouldn’t want to hear everyone else talking about their experience and thinking to myself ‘Why didn’t I do it when I had the chance?’

Living life without regrets.

P.S: I experienced my first Bungee Jump at Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape in South Africa- 216 meters.

The World’s highest Bungee point is in Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States- 321 meters.




The Weekly Shot!

You wake up,it’s Monday. Another week just begun. You head to work or school and get started on you’re chores. You may be optimistic and charged, or you may be dull and unhappy ,but you get going.
The weekly shot is something which is created to brighten your week. Its purpose is to make you try a new experience.It could be a funny video,a must-visit website or city, an inspiring quote, a really good movie or a an awesome must-eat food! Here we post anything and everything and hopefully something our readers begin to look forward to!
So get exploring!
Potter Weasley