Savour this moment Jackass

Here’s to my two:


Ridiculously stupid dimwits





Senseless fools…

…Or as Potter and I refer to them: FRIENDS (See what I did there?)

So Potter and I finally built up the courage to tell two of our butt-head friends about our blog (actually Potter did, I found it so awkward and just hid under the table and occasionally started screaming). These ‘butt-heads’ are our closest friends (more like BFF’s- except we hate using that term).

To someone who doesn’t know us, we may seem like mortal enemies, but I guess that’s the case with all friends, right?

I guess the reason Potter and I were hesitating to tell them was cause of the scrutiny we thought we might have to face. But now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be supporting us (hopefully!).

I love these guys and they mean the world to me. And I know I always tell them that I would without a doubt sacrifice them in case of an alien invasion or whatever but that’s probably the last thing I would ever do.

Too cheesy, eh? I got a bit emotional writing this piece. Now I’m going to do other stuff because anything else is more important than dedicating a post to these Jackasses (J) and Meerkats (M).


PS: I hope I haven’t made any grammar errors. My friends a Grammar-Nazi (Yes J, that’s you I’m talking about!)