My blogging experience.

When Potter and I decided to have a blog I was super excited about it. I was excited to share my experience and I also thought it would keep me in practice of writing. It’s not like I’ve been writing essays or anything. Sometimes you realize that a picture is sufficient enough to share your thoughts.

However so far I have realized that the real experience is in reading someones else’s blog and being able to relate to it or hear their opinions which sometimes are very different, but not wrong. Being involved in someones life who you wouldn’t have otherwise known, or simply just listening to their side of the story and may be even questioning their perspective.

And the real joy is not just in publishing a post, but in reading the comments of your readers, and listening to their side of the argument.

It is not just in sharing from which I, as a blogger, get the joy. But it is in listening to the stories and perspectives of people who I will possibly never know. And that is the real ‘Blogging Experience’.



I feel blocked.

From whom you wonder. From myself. I have never before sat in front of a computer screen so blank, and for so long thinking about what to write. Sometimes I’m overflowing with ideas and other times I just know what I want to talk about. But not this time.

I’ve been trying to blog for the past 3 days but I don’t know whether I’m too lazy to think or what! And this is not like me, so I feel somewhat disconnected.

Even going to school doesn’t excite me anymore. Like classes aren’t that fun. Just those same old regular jokes and wishing for the teacher to be absent. And I absolutely don’t want any tests because studying is the last thing I want to do.

I don’t know whether I’m just extremely bored or having mood swings but I absolutely HATE this feeling!




Let’s join the army!

Tanks! Guns! Weaponry!

Will you believe me if I said I rode a tank? Or posed with a real-actual gun? Or sat in a vessel from which missiles are fired?

I really don’t know if you will, Weasley believes you won’t. But it’s true. The two of us actually visited an army base camp! (We were on an educational trip from school and they surprised us by taking us to an actual army base.) We would love to post a few pictures but turns out we can’t since  our nations security will be at risk then. I know right? Very sad.

I’m so charged and inspired right now! I also happen to feel very patriotic after this visit. It wasn’t only because of those bloody cool weapons or the childish excitement of walking with people in uniforms but it was also because of the joy you feel after meeting real heroes. The ones that literally take a bullet to keep us safe!

I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is and how soldier-like you feel when you do something like this!

Hug your soldier friend and appreciate their job! They’ll feel really happy and you’ll be guaranteed a tank ride, which by the way happens to be wayy too much fun!

Oh and side note, I’m joining the army.

Love you,


PS: If your a soldier or army person, thanks for everything you do. You’re my hero!


IT WORKED! (Or so I believe)

So before you understand what this post is about you might want to take a quick look at this post first:

https://potterweasley.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/a-lie-to-myself/ -Don’t get lazy to click this link!

Anyway, now that you have read it (which you hopefully have), I would just like to tell you that it I believe it worked! I literally was ready to drop physics because I got a C in my first term and I was so very unhappy with it. But this time in my Half Yearly Examinations I did not only score well, but I scored the 2nd highest in my grade in Physics. This came off as a great surprise to me and I went sky high. I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Mainly because I was literally expecting a 60%. And FYI, I got 84% which is an A and 86% was the highest. Not trying to show off here, just saying.

Now I don’t know whether it was this whole ‘Lying to myself’ thing that had just worked. It may or may not be. The truth could just be that I had suddenly woken up, and worked my ass off for this. And perhaps this whole ‘Lying to myself’ thing played a small part. It can also be that I’m just giving credit of my hardwork to some theory which I thought would work, and apparently I believe it did. I don’t know if all of it was just me and my awesomeness or not. But I am just very happy.

If you want something very badly, truly from your heart, then the whole universe will make sure that you get it. ON TOP OF THE WORLD. PHYSICS FTW.


PS: Please understand that I’m not encouraging any one reading this to try this theory out because it may just be false. At the end of the day we need to understand that only hardwork pays off.

PPS: I give all the credits to Potter for introducing me to the whole ‘Lying to myself’ theory thing. I love you bro.


OMG!! It’s 2014!

Happy 2014 guys! 

Anyhow, do you have a resolution? I mean I don’t. I will probably come up with something eventually..I mean there is a lot of scope for me changing in someway or accomplishing a big target.

I do, however want a few things from this year. A few things from myself too.

I hope this year gives me a lot of opportunities and I want to be alert and courageous enough to take them.

I hope this year forces me out of my comfort zone (occasionally). I wish to be brave enough to meet the challenge.

I hope this year allows me to experience some things I must. I also hope I enjoy most of them.

I hope this year gives me to experiment. To do awesome things, great things and sometimes lame and stupid ones too. I wish I’m smart enough to not repeat the stupid ones.

I hope this year helps me to get to know my friends better. I wish to put myself and my selfishness aside to actually accomplish this.

I hope this year blesses me with lots of more followers and makes our blog really incredible! I pray to God that I’m able to retain these followers and give them something to look forward too. Unlike posts like these (wink!)

I hope this year gives YOU whatever you try really hard for. Stay hopeful and patient. I’m convinced it will.

Live. Laugh. Love.



Weasley is evil!

Hi there,

Merry-Late-Christmas! I’m sorry I was out and I happened to be somewhere with no internet connection. Well, more like issues with connectivity and stuff. It’s a whole big story so never mind. The point being that I didn’t even realize Weasley would just steal the 50th post. I mean it is a big deal for me!

So anyhow, thanks for reading our 51st post! I will surely steal the hundredth and side with me on this one because Weasley is obviously just sneaky and so evil!

This war is so on!

Live. Laugh. Love.


PS: I love her and everything, but come on!

PPS: You know I’m right!


50th Post!

Okay, so this post is completely random but I just couldn’t let Potter have the 50th post.
I know, I know. Pretty selfish of me right?
But come on!
And now that I have selfishly taken away the FIFTIETH POST, I know that this means WAR.
And no, I have not ONLY just won the battle, cause I’m going to make sure that I win this never ending war.
Don’t even try to steal away the next big post Potter cause I will always be there. Always. BWAHAHAHHAHAHA.

And please no, don’t think of me as mean!

(Aka Weasley)