Weekly Shot #5

What makes you truly happy?

Dancing, music, eating, procrastinating? I don’t know. The question is tough and the answers are many. You can’t choose but you can always explore unlimited options to finally be able to answer this rather puzzling question.

Just an assurance…this is not one of my many philosophical posts, well, I went for a rural development program with school, both Weasley and I did. The objective of it was of course to help the underprivileged but to also realize the importance of things we take for granted, like a comfortable, well lit home.

Anyhow, you may want to ask me how this categorizes as the Weekly Shot. Well, here’s how. When we first began working with Habitat for Humanity, we wondered whether painting houses (the task we carried out) actually benefited anybody. I mean, our doubts were valid but I think we were ignorant about how much the villagers valued having well painted,  beautiful houses. We were working hard and painting hard, all dedicated and focused but this question did not leave our mind, certainly not my mind.

Then I began thinking about why I was painting in the first place, and I discovered that it was  because I wanted to help somebody else, add a smile on a strangers face and that for some reason made me more inclined towards giving my best and working my hardest.

Well, the point of this post is that you MUST go out there and try to do something genuine just to add a smile on someone else’s face. Let it be the smallest gesture but brighten somebody’s day. Spread the love and joy.

This Week’s must-do-activity is, make somebody smile and feel happy, remember, it could be a perfect stranger.

True happiness lies in helping others!




An insight into a students mind

Dear Teachers, do you have a soul? Well I doubt it.
Okay so I love going to school. I don’t know if that sounds weird but I guess I just love meeting my friends and seeing everybody, catching on with the latest gossip, preparing for various house events, running around the corridors, begging the teachers for a free period and all of that. I absolutely love it.
But honestly I think that just being in the ninth grade has changed modified my perspective.
I mean I still love going to school but I’m finding it very difficult to cope up with my studies. And then it gets very difficult to have an exciting social life.

It feels as though every day in school the teachers are trying to give off this uncomfortable vibe (and I have never felt like this before so the feeling is slightly
New to me) and indirectly always seem to be saying:
‘I don’t care if you have plans for tonight, just keep studying.’
‘Not enough homework? Well, let’s change that.’
‘You have a project in 2 subjects due for tomorrow and 2 major assessments along with that. Well, I’m sure you can handle a 5 page easy.’
‘You’re just scaring yourself, it’s not very difficult.’
…and the list just goes on.
I understand that they want us to excel but sometime it gets too stressful. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a white hair.

So the real reason I’m really mad is because we are getting a 5 day holiday starting on 30th October and this holiday itself comprises of a Saturday and a Sunday. Looking at this 5 day break all the teachers have decided to give us something to do over the holidays. And that’s the sucky part really.
None of the teachers realise that we have the same amount, if not more work already being bombarded upon us by another subject teacher. I mean they’re just 5 days and they have even given to us so that we can rest for a while. I tried negotiating and explaining for the same but they just didn’t seem to listen. They thought that I was making up some bullshit in order to reduce the work load but that was not true.

So basically I have 6 projects to complete, along with that I need to catch up on a bit of stuff I missed out during schooldays and other homework as well. Plus the teachers have already told us the dates for a few assessments and I’m going to have to revise for all of that as well.

Currently all I want is to have the weight lifted off my shoulders. I don’t like being under so much stress. No one does I guess. And that’s what makes everything so difficult.


P.S: If any teacher has stumbled up on this post I don’t mean to hurt your sentiments or make it sound like you guys are horrible. I don’t even want to make the profession sound like I have. I’m sorry if I have done so.
I truly love and respect my teachers.


Getting to the other side!

Weasley and I are out together for a couple of days. It’s a school trip, exciting right? Well, guess what? No. So it’s one of those awkward times when you know everybody travelling along with you but you don’t really like them or in our case, don’t know them well enough. Different friends and stuff, you get,right?
Anyway,the good part is, I’ve got her and she’s got me and we’ve got you, to rant to because you’re patient and understanding. We’ve also got J and she’s being ultra sweet about it. We love you jackass!!
So the basic point of this post is to discuss situations like these, I mean we all face them all the time. We have two options we can just whine about and not enjoy them because of the sadness we’re dwelling in, or we can look at this as an opportunity to make new friends and have a blast because life’s all about change!
Sadly, we are in between at the moment, honestly more towards the first option! But we’re trying to enjoy. We have made a successful start, we had fun moments with others! It’ll soon be okay,I hope!

Trying to get to the other side,


Happy Birthday Jackfruit!

Dear Weasley,

Okay, I’m posting this right now because we’ll be travelling tomorrow and I’ll be with you, so it won’t even be secretive! Anyhow, readers, you are not going to understand a whole lot of stuff I write here, because Weasley and I have way too many inside jokes. So here I go.

Monti, along with being the cutest and most adorable people I know, you are also one of the sweetest, most caring and super warm. I love you for all the laughs we’ve had, all the gossip we’ve shared and all the times we’ve been so mean and bitchy together. Not only do your jokes make me laugh all weird but your smile makes my world go round..get it? 

I love you even though you’re fatter than a blue whale and lost more than half the time. I love you even though you’re going to start a fresh batch of jokes about how tiny I am! And I’ll even love you when you when you don’t love me as much!!

Weasley, We aren’t just best friends, we’re sisters. LOL! And bt-dubs your birthday, it’s going to rock! We’ll party super hard. I promise, okay? 

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Stay cute. Love you too much. 



PS: You better cry after reading this!

PPS: I want cake!


No plans this birthday.

My Birthday’s going to be here in 2 days. 23rd of October.

I was really excited a month ago for my birthday, but my excitement was kind of washed away when I realized there is going to be a 5 day school trip for all the geography and EVM students and we will be leaving early in the morning ON MY FREAKKIN BIRTHDAY!

Really, not the best way to celebrate ones birthday.

And not all are my friends are going to be with me since a lot of them haven’t chosen Geography or EVM for their IGCSE.

So basically I’ll most likely have to get up at 5.30am on my birthday, quickly get ready, have my parents drop me off at the airport, meet my friends (which are few in number cause majority of the students are 10th graders and out of the few 9th graders most of my close friends are missing), and spend a few hours in the flight, and ‘enjoy’ the hectic day planned ahead.

‘Its going to be SO much fun’- *Sarcastic voice*

For now I don’t really care. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just have to deal with it.



P.S: Initially the trip wasn’t actually planned on the date of my birthday but had later been postponed due to bad weather at the destination.

I never saw this coming.