Let’s just kill him/her! (My theory)

So I have this theory where I believe that authors just want me to cry and live in pain. Why do I say so?

Well, Let’s see….. Because they kill everyone I F***ING LOVE. I believe their thought process goes pretty much like this: Oh look at this lovely character which everyone is going to adore… LETS KILL IT!

I’m sure most of you out there have experienced this kind of torture. For example take the last book I read, The Fault In Our Stars. The last few chapters, I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and I just couldn’t stop because he killed Augustus Waters! HE EFFING KILLED HIM! I tried so hard not to cry, and for some reason I was so sure I would not cry when he died. But FUUUUUUUUUU….

I believe that writers have to cause some kind of pain to their readers so they feel completely satisfied. And I know that this they don’t do it purposely but writers seriously need to stop causing me pain.


Kill me now,



P.S: This post was written when I was in a post-TheFaultInOurStars-trauma and I just couldn’t help myself so I may sound a bit frustrated.



Exams begin this Monday- 2nd December. And I am freaking out!!


I may be.

I hope I do well. I can almost burst out crying thinking about this.

Pray for me please. Pray that I do well (even if you don’t care).



P.S: Worst part about exams is that I eat more than usual. And I eat complete junk.


My sleepwalking incident- I am perfectly normal. I think.

So a few days ago I woke up and noticed something strange. I woke up to realize I was in my mums bedroom. At first I didn’t react, but then a second later I was in shock!

Let me rewind a bit… So I have my own bedroom where I sleep every night. Occasionally if my dad’s out of town for work I sleep next to my mum in her bedroom (cause then I get to stay up late night watching TV- I don’t have a television in my room). But that morning when I woke up I was in shock because I clearly remembered going off to sleep in my own bedroom the previous night.

On asking my mom how I ended up there she said that I came in last night and just plopped beside her. She made some space for me and assumed that I probably had a horrible nightmare. (And when I woke up she was complaining how uncomfortable it was for my dad and her since I occupied a huge amount of space! – which is not true by the way).

My conclusion: I was sleepwalking.

I have always known that I sleep talk and that never comes of a great surprise to me, but that night I did both! My mum also told me she asked me something and I responded with a vague syllable.

So obviously after this incident took place I FREAKED OUT! I considered the possibility of having some kind of psychological problem. So I did some research (again, don’t judge me please. I can be very geeky). I found out that this was nothing of major concern and that I was perfectly normal. And since it wasn’t a repetitive action I had nothing to worry about. I read a couple of other incidents too which were rather worse than mine and interesting! Besides I have only sleep walked once (or only once I’m aware of) so I’m pretty sure I’m normal 😉