Weasley is evil!

Hi there,

Merry-Late-Christmas! I’m sorry I was out and I happened to be somewhere with no internet connection. Well, more like issues with connectivity and stuff. It’s a whole big story so never mind. The point being that I didn’t even realize Weasley would just steal the 50th post. I mean it is a big deal for me!

So anyhow, thanks for reading our 51st post! I will surely steal the hundredth and side with me on this one because Weasley is obviously just sneaky and so evil!

This war is so on!

Live. Laugh. Love.


PS: I love her and everything, but come on!

PPS: You know I’m right!


50th Post!

Okay, so this post is completely random but I just couldn’t let Potter have the 50th post.
I know, I know. Pretty selfish of me right?
But come on!
And now that I have selfishly taken away the FIFTIETH POST, I know that this means WAR.
And no, I have not ONLY just won the battle, cause I’m going to make sure that I win this never ending war.
Don’t even try to steal away the next big post Potter cause I will always be there. Always. BWAHAHAHHAHAHA.

And please no, don’t think of me as mean!

(Aka Weasley)


Hi there,

Ah! The smell of freedom. I’m done with my exams and it feels so awesome! Anyhow, I’ve been doing a lot of random reading lately. I’m so glad I have because I was kind of dealing with this phase where I didn’t like any book I touched. I know right? Super sad. So basically, I began reading Paper Towns. In simply one word- it is unputdownable! JG

I finished it in a few hours. Stayed up till 2 am because I just couldn’t stop reading it. I feel very stupid for not picking up a John Green earlier, this was my first!

Well, there’s too much to love about this book. The characters, the concepts, the ideas, the writing. It’s one of those books you can read for the author, if not the story. But trust me, in my opinion both of them were worth it.

I’m going to explore more books. I’ve learnt my lesson that everything popular is not over rated!





So most of you may not even want to know, or may not even care about this post, cause it is pretty random. 

Most of you may know them cause they are pretty famous. They upload loads of fun videos regularly and are sure to make you laugh. They also have these collaborations where they usually perform these really funny and silly tasks which you can most definitely sometimes try with your friends. And I don’t even exactly know why I’m sharing this, but I am, so here it goes:

These are the names of their YouTube channels: (This list is in random order)

1. Tyler Oakley

2. Troye Sivan

3. IISuperWomanII

4. ThatcherJoe

5. PointlessBlog

6. Zoella

7. Marcus Butler

8. sawyerhartman

9. Laina


This list is just of the ones that I watch most often and I, in particular, enjoy the most. If you don’t watch their videos you could check them out and probably tell me your favourites too. 

Some other YouTubers that you may like are: BethanyMota, wickydkewl, danisnotonfire, ZaidAliT, Sprinkleofglitter, PewDiePie and tons more.

If there are any others that you really like, or think I ought to watch then please comment. 🙂

But I seriously suggest you go check them out. Especially if you need a good laugh. 





Do you Spill Silly Secrets?

Hi you,

Around 11 of my best friends and I are having a ‘Secret Santa’ among ourselves. I know, my brilliant idea (don’t judge, I promise I’m not as self obsessed as I seem!).  Anyhow, the sad part is that I’m one of the the only few of us actually trying to maintain the ‘secret’ part of it. I know you think me lame but that is the whole freaking point, right?

Well, since I am a blabber mouth I may have told like 2 people but I’m still not as bad as others, Weasley for instance. 

To my friends : I love you guys, each one of you and I also love how we can’t keep things from each other. But seriously  lets surprise one another!

Stop Spilling!

Forever yours,


PS: I know this post makes me seem like a hypocrite since I’m a blabber mouth.

PPS: I’m not (a hypocrite). Its just that I’m genuinely serious about this lame ‘secret’.

PPPS: Sorry, nothing really, just wanted a PPPS! 


Save me. I haven’t studied!

I didn’t study this weekend at all. I have my Geography and English exam this Monday. I know that the weekend isn’t over. It’s Saturday night out here and so technically I’ve got the whole of Sunday to myself. However I am going to be attending my cousins reception in the evening (which means that I won’t study the entire day tomorrow).


But for geography there is actually practically no way I can study because tomorrow the paper we have is about topographical maps, which I’m really bad at but that means that I still can’t study it.

As for English, let’s see… I can anyways not judge myself.

*sigh* The crap I say to not feel guilty 😔. I know I shouldn’t give excuses but… Uhh…umm…. I can’t help it!

Save me somebody.



Winter Mornings- The toughest time of my life

So everybody loves winters for obvious reasons. But there are two things that I hate about winters the most.

1. Getting out of bed– This is during school time mainly, when I have to get up early and force myself out of bed. Its nice and dark, and comfortable under the covers (and so very warm and cozy).

2. Getting out of the shower– Especially when I’m having a a nice hot water bath. And while I’m taking a shower and I have to apply soap or shampoo, it gets EXTREMELY difficult because as soon as the supply of hot water stops, within the next 2 seconds, I’ll be shivering. And when I have to step out, the floor and everything around is so cold that I can’t possibly step outside.

So those are the two things that I detest about winters, and in particular, of Winter Mornings. What are yours?


Live every moment,

Laugh everyday,

Love beyond words