Weasley here!


Weasley here. My dear friend, as you know by the pseudonym of ‘Potter’, has been forcing me to leave an introductory message on this Blog. I’m not sure how to do this (as you can see by the way I’ve started off) and I may not be very good at it either. I hope you still want to stick around since I may be more like you, than either of us know!

I shall not be revealing my personal details but there’s still lots you can know about me! I’m a teenager which probably leaves you to the conclusion that like every other teenager, I’m a DramaQueen, and to some extent I agree with this. I exaggerate my problems, gossip at times, put myself under stress by thinking of all the work I need to complete for school, look at myself at least a hundred times in the mirror, feel unsatisfied with the amount of clothing I own (even if the closet door refuses to shut) and much more. I could probably go on forever! Having said all this I believe I am attentive in my studies and enjoy going to school. 

I’m a person with interests of sorts. Now this may be a wee but boring but… I like playing sports however I’m horrible at it and have the stamina of a 2 year old. Swimming is my personal favourite however due to my busy and packed schedule I get very little time for it. I enjoy dancing and I’m quite decent at it (or at least I think I am), and I like singing but my voice is, to put it in the best way, not very pleasing. As you can see or may have already guessed, I have a passion of writing. I LOVE to eat and try new varieties of food, but on the contrary, I’m quite choosy, and my Moms Homemade Food is my favourite. I love to indulge myself in, and know about various cultures and traditions. And just like Potter, I too want to see most of the world and hopefully someday be  ‘Living out of a suitcase’.

I’m really excited to start my journey as a ‘Blogger’, and something tells me that I am about to learn a lot more than I offer on this little blog. And hopefully this ‘little’ blog may become a huge and successful blog! 





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