Save me. I haven’t studied!

I didn’t study this weekend at all. I have my Geography and English exam this Monday. I know that the weekend isn’t over. It’s Saturday night out here and so technically I’ve got the whole of Sunday to myself. However I am going to be attending my cousins reception in the evening (which means that I won’t study the entire day tomorrow).


But for geography there is actually practically no way I can study because tomorrow the paper we have is about topographical maps, which I’m really bad at but that means that I still can’t study it.

As for English, let’s see… I can anyways not judge myself.

*sigh* The crap I say to not feel guilty 😔. I know I shouldn’t give excuses but… Uhh…umm…. I can’t help it!

Save me somebody.



A lie to myself

I’m having a lot of trouble with Physics recently. I never hated the subject before but I wasn’t extremely inclined to it either. However before I never had trouble with it.

But recently I’m not doing well in physics. I’m not doing well at all in physics. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get anything below an A this year. But for physics, let’s just say exceptions have to be made.


But basically i’m doing this new thing that Potter suggested I try. ‘Lying to myself’. So as the name suggest You are supposed to lie to yourself. I basically have written ‘I ❤ PHYSICS’ and have pinned it up on my soft board. I look at it everyday
You must be thinking ‘how will this help?’
Well, I’m not sure if it is going to help me but the point is that I look at this lie everyday. Eventually my mind is going to believe its true. Kind of like ‘playing games with your own head’. And so I will start to believe that I truly love physics. And hopefully will get inclined to it.

I hope it works!


PS: I have my physics examination tomorrow. So screwed!

PPS: Yes Potter, I’m still mad at you for telling ‘someone’ about our blog.