IT WORKED! (Or so I believe)

So before you understand what this post is about you might want to take a quick look at this post first:

https://potterweasley.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/a-lie-to-myself/ -Don’t get lazy to click this link!

Anyway, now that you have read it (which you hopefully have), I would just like to tell you that it I believe it worked! I literally was ready to drop physics because I got a C in my first term and I was so very unhappy with it. But this time in my Half Yearly Examinations I did not only score well, but I scored the 2nd highest in my grade in Physics. This came off as a great surprise to me and I went sky high. I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Mainly because I was literally expecting a 60%. And FYI, I got 84% which is an A and 86% was the highest. Not trying to show off here, just saying.

Now I don’t know whether it was this whole ‘Lying to myself’ thing that had just worked. It may or may not be. The truth could just be that I had suddenly woken up, and worked my ass off for this. And perhaps this whole ‘Lying to myself’ thing played a small part. It can also be that I’m just giving credit of my hardwork to some theory which I thought would work, and apparently I believe it did. I don’t know if all of it was just me and my awesomeness or not. But I am just very happy.

If you want something very badly, truly from your heart, then the whole universe will make sure that you get it. ON TOP OF THE WORLD. PHYSICS FTW.


PS: Please understand that I’m not encouraging any one reading this to try this theory out because it may just be false. At the end of the day we need to understand that only hardwork pays off.

PPS: I give all the credits to Potter for introducing me to the whole ‘Lying to myself’ theory thing. I love you bro.


No plans this birthday.

My Birthday’s going to be here in 2 days. 23rd of October.

I was really excited a month ago for my birthday, but my excitement was kind of washed away when I realized there is going to be a 5 day school trip for all the geography and EVM students and we will be leaving early in the morning ON MY FREAKKIN BIRTHDAY!

Really, not the best way to celebrate ones birthday.

And not all are my friends are going to be with me since a lot of them haven’t chosen Geography or EVM for their IGCSE.

So basically I’ll most likely have to get up at 5.30am on my birthday, quickly get ready, have my parents drop me off at the airport, meet my friends (which are few in number cause majority of the students are 10th graders and out of the few 9th graders most of my close friends are missing), and spend a few hours in the flight, and ‘enjoy’ the hectic day planned ahead.

‘Its going to be SO much fun’- *Sarcastic voice*

For now I don’t really care. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just have to deal with it.



P.S: Initially the trip wasn’t actually planned on the date of my birthday but had later been postponed due to bad weather at the destination.

I never saw this coming.


History- Schools trying to haunt us with the past?

So one of the subjects I chose for my IGCSE is History. I absolutely love the subject unlike others who think it’s a waste of time! But sometimes I too wonder whether taking up History as a subject was necessary. I mean I got an option of so many other wonderful subjects, and dropping history would be so easy.

But my main question is not whether it was a good option to take history, but in fact why we learn that subject. I mean doesn’t everybody just always wonder why we learn about the past. Why not just move on with our lives. How is the learning/knowing about the past going to make a difference in our lives?

And yet schools and universities look upon that subject with great interest. Is it because they want to haunt us with the past and increase our burden? That could be a suitable explanation but I am still not convinced.

So… I did some research (Don’t judge me! I can be very geeky). This is what I found:

“History should be studied for several reasons. First off, history helps us to understand other cultures. With this knowledge of history you can be able to analyze other cultures. Another reason to study history is because it helps us to understand change. It is said that history repeats itself; studying history will teach you how to grasp and overcome change.Lastly, an understanding history is essential for good citizenship.”

If you would like to know more in depth of the reason we study history, visit: http://www.historians.org/pubs/free/WhyStudyHistory.htm

I hope you enjoyed todays lesson 😉

Gaaaahhhhh, I sound like a boring teacher.


P.S: I genuinely hope this may have inclined you to the subject a bit more, or may have at least given you an incentive to study history for your next test;)