Hello there stranger, who accidentally stumbled upon this blog and is now wondering why he/she is bothering to read this boring yet slightly amusing post written by 15 year old who is probably just going to be ranting about her holidays, which either consisted of procrastination, horrible hot weather, staying indoors, staring at the computer or tv, and basically doing nothing productive with her life OR having an amazing time on the beach, swimming in the lovely ocean, visiting different places, planning meet-ups with her friends and simply enjoying life.

*hopes you didn’t run out of breath and die*

My holidays were a little bit of both. But i have enjoyed them thoroughly. And unlike Potter, I am not looking forward to school.

I should probably go now. I was hoping to finish all my holiday homework today but I didn’t even bother TO OPEN a single book!



Sappy dramas to the rescue

Hi there,

You know  that point in your holidays when you think you’ve spent enough time doing nothing? Well, I’ve reached that. I traveled, I read, I glanced at my holiday homework, just glanced because starting that load is a decision too responsible for somebody like me. I watched movies, indulged in un-intelligent but highly absorbing shows like Gossip Girl but now I can’t take anymore and having faced most of what, I officially declare as my most boring day of the holidays, I want school. Call me crazy, my friends already do.

Oh and I forgot to mention the numerous times I met those losers until they took of to their fancy vacations to Turkey and Thailand and the States, just as I had. I want them back. So bad.

That leaves me you, and my laptop and hours to waste. Sadly for me, this rant took no longer than a few minutes.. I must now return to those residents of the Upper East Side, who wait anxiously as I un-pause and lose my self to a few more hours of meaningless drama and broken hearts. Will it be too much if I end my post saying XOXO- Gossip girl?

Your bored friend,



Swimming 20 laps over studying and other bad ideas…

Hi there,

So I’ve made it kind of obvious that I blog only when I’m putting off something important (not that blogging isn’t) so let me tell you what that is. I have my finals going on and its my Environmental Management exam tomorrow. I love the subject and everything but I’ve been staring at the same textbook for too long and I refuse to any longer. I mean I’ll resume in 5 minutes because I don’t have a choice. Ugghhh life!

Anyhow, I didn’t want to study so I decided I’ll take a break and go for a swim. Now, taking into consideration that I only exercise say one a year, swimming 20 laps at once it a horrible horrible idea. But I’m stupid so I chose it over studying. So now I’m staring at the book, exhausted and my arms hurt. But the good part is that I finished my workout for like the next three years! Yayy life!

Okay I may be exaggerated the length of my laziness just a little.

Okay I may have just lied.

Anyhow, love you guys! Pray that I do well tomorrow because along with all this crap I did study. I think.



PS: I think this is officially the most random post ever!


Blog revival and Pre-Exam jitters!

Very evidently for the longest time ever, Potter and I completely forgot about the existence of this blog.

How could we forgot? School and stuff I guess. No reasonable explanation really.


Anyways, our exams begin in approximately 4 days and THE FEELING I HAVE RIGHT NOW IS SO GODDAMN DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN. IT JUST SUCKS! This feeling just hits me at random times during the day and it pretty much started today. It’s something which is really difficult to explain. It’s not really fear, definitely not happiness, not even nervousness (okay, maybe slight nervousness), but this feeling as a whole is something else.

I know, I know, I don’t make sense. And I’m not even sure how many of you will be able to understand what I really mean. But they’re just pre-exam jitters I guess. 



In a state of confusion, as always,



Have we quit blogging?

Hi there,

Okay, I’m just being optimistic here but I’m hoping there is at least 1 person who visits this blog sometimes. I’m just being optimistic but if it’s you, I love you.

So why have we not been blogging?

Okay I’ll spare you the cliche (but true) answers of wayy too much school work, no time, upcoming exams, student council work, blah,blah, blah…

My excuse this time is that I just forgot that this blog existed. So apart from being boring with nothing new to share, I had also forgotten that I can just post crap here for you to read. And some of you nice, beautiful people like it and stuff. I love that, so like away.

I also realized that I’m going to blog…because now that I am, I’m loving it. So I’m going to force my lazy ass to come over here and write stuff,

Oh and Weasley is of the opinion that we should just stop and hence the subject.

I’m trying to talk her out of it!

Yours forever,





Yes, I finally read it.

Yes, it made me cry.

Yes, I fell in love with the things they said.

Yes, I want to re-read it already.


“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books like An Imperial Affliction, which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like betrayal” 
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars



You the second sort of books he spoke about, that’s how I feel about The Fault In Our Stars. Too bad it is the raging success it is. I can only wish it was “mine”. My favourite book. The one I want to keep from all of you.

Yours forever,


PS: I’ve only put together some f my favorite quotes. I hope to assemble all. I’ll upload more soon.