Weekly Shot #1- Must-watch movie!

Okay, so here’s an add on to Weasley’s earlier post about ‘Movies or Plays?’. The movie, ‘Double Indemnity’ is a classic in the Noir genre. This black and white flick was a milestone of this dark and cynical genre and has been heavily recommended to me by a trusted source!

So, that’s why I want you to go explore the charm of the 1940’s, watch this legendary movie and let me know your views!



PS: It’s in black and white guys, so worth a watch!

PPS: visit http://classic-movies.yoexpert.com/classic-movies-general/what-does-the-phrase-%22film-noir-style%22-mean-1195.html to learn more about this genre of movies!


Movies or Plays?

Well, to be honest I can’t decide. The basis and criteria on which we judge them are completely different. There are certain aspects of movies I love, and certain aspects of live plays I enjoy. However, both fall under the same category of entertainment. They are both situations or experiences which the protagonist comes Mamma Mia Stage Productionacross, and the rest of the story is based on their journey, their decisions, their thought process, their characteristics, and their ability to deal with the given situation.

Why Movies?

Simply because the effects offered in movies cannot be compared to the performances we see in live plays. Movies have certain elements which can only be added using the technology we possess in today’s time. And that is what makes movies so realistic. The details you have in movies, such as the sets, costumes, the smooth transition from one scene to another, the focus on particular objects/characteristics are all what contributes to making a movies a success.

Why Plays?

Live performances also offer special effects of lighting and sound effects. But what is actually very exciting about these are that you get to witness all the transitions of scenes, the costumes underneath the costumes, the live orchestra and musicians, the exciting dance pieces, the mistakes and cover-ups of an actor, the tricks used to minimize the waiting time during transitions, and the few props that are like touch-ups to the real (yet not-so realistic) sets. The reason I love live performances is because, well… They’re LIVE! Ok, I’m not making sense anymore but I just can’t explain the experience of watching a live play. It is so different than what one expects!


You may have seen movies which are based on plays, or vice versa. Your preferences over one will always vary based on what aspect you liked or enjoyed the most.

Now think hard reader, did you want to break into a dance move while watching the sensational musical ‘Mamma-Mia’ or was it Meryl Streep’s spectacular performance that caught your attention in the movie?

Now you may choose for yourself, Movies or Plays, or BOTH!


P.S: Potter and I sincerely apologize for not posting any articles for the past week. It has been because of a major event we had participated in our school which kept us running busy. As a punishment I promise to make sure that Potter does 50 sit-ups and no less! 😉

I’m hoping that’s enough!





Life on the edge, literally!


The Bungee Experience

‘Standing on a bridge. Your heart is beating at its fastest. You’re all alone. You look down. You see no support. It’s too late to change your mind. Adrenaline pumps into your body like it has never before. You can’t concentrate. Your mind is thinking of a million things. Is death one of those million things? Prayers in your head… and whooooosh!

You’re down. The wind against your face, and you’re trust in the rope has been betrayed! But no, you’re not dead. And Whoosh! The rope has finally held onto you. You’re safe. Still hanging in the air midway, upside-down. Thanking God. Thanking yourself.’

Yes, that was my first Bungee experience! I can’t even describe those moments I had on the edge of the bridge. Those feelings had been completely anonymous to me until then. I had never felt such nervousness and excitement in my entire life.

You may think Bungee Jumping is an experience for the more adventurous sort. For the kind who enjoy trying new and different experiences. For “The Adrenaline Junkies” as society calls them. But no! All my cousins and I did it. Some of us were crazy and super excited about it, however a little scared. Most of us kept changing our minds. We wanted to do it but just needed that little push (literally!).

I have a fear of heights. Not a phobia. Just a fear. I can’t even jump from the 5th step of a staircase! But what got me to really do it was when I realized that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. It’s an experience I just can’t miss! And afterwards I wouldn’t want to hear everyone else talking about their experience and thinking to myself ‘Why didn’t I do it when I had the chance?’

Living life without regrets.

P.S: I experienced my first Bungee Jump at Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape in South Africa- 216 meters.

The World’s highest Bungee point is in Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States- 321 meters.




“The only thing humans have in common is that they are different”

Over dinner with a few friends of my parents I heard about something known as the MBTI test. It stands for The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Now, it’s just a test which helps provide an analysis of your personality and it is much detailed than many personality tests online. On the basis of your answers it divides you into one of its sixteen categories, the categories represent the many personality types. I bet one you reading this thought “isn’t that just stereotyping”, I did too, but no. That’s not what this test is about.

What the excellent feature this test offers is that it helps you look at people with a different perspective and makes you love them and understand them better. You learn to acknowledge the fact that, there are many people out there and each one them behaves, thinks and functions differently. To put it in simple words it makes you see different perspectives and at the same time helps you discover yourself so much better. Statistics show that 85% of the people found that the report gave them an accurate description of their personality type, which in turn helped them accept themselves and sometimes even boost their self-confidence!

Well, the only reason I’m blogging about this test is because my whole family took it and the results really helped strengthen our bond. We took pride in our uniqueness and appreciated our difference. So take this test to broaden your view of the world and the humans that inhabit it. Take this test so you moderately understand your super annoying brother or analyse why you and your best friend are fighting! Because believe me our time is too short too be judging others, it’s time we celebrate our uniqueness!

Well after taking the test I discovered that I’m a ESFJ. It stands for Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging (Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Sensing). I belong to the ‘Care-giver’ category. I really hope you’ll go ahead and embrace your awesomeness and let me know which type you belong to, please comment because I would love to hear your views about these type quizzes!

I suggest you visit http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp to explore and analyse your personality type!




Weasley here!


Weasley here. My dear friend, as you know by the pseudonym of ‘Potter’, has been forcing me to leave an introductory message on this Blog. I’m not sure how to do this (as you can see by the way I’ve started off) and I may not be very good at it either. I hope you still want to stick around since I may be more like you, than either of us know!

I shall not be revealing my personal details but there’s still lots you can know about me! I’m a teenager which probably leaves you to the conclusion that like every other teenager, I’m a DramaQueen, and to some extent I agree with this. I exaggerate my problems, gossip at times, put myself under stress by thinking of all the work I need to complete for school, look at myself at least a hundred times in the mirror, feel unsatisfied with the amount of clothing I own (even if the closet door refuses to shut) and much more. I could probably go on forever! Having said all this I believe I am attentive in my studies and enjoy going to school. 

I’m a person with interests of sorts. Now this may be a wee but boring but… I like playing sports however I’m horrible at it and have the stamina of a 2 year old. Swimming is my personal favourite however due to my busy and packed schedule I get very little time for it. I enjoy dancing and I’m quite decent at it (or at least I think I am), and I like singing but my voice is, to put it in the best way, not very pleasing. As you can see or may have already guessed, I have a passion of writing. I LOVE to eat and try new varieties of food, but on the contrary, I’m quite choosy, and my Moms Homemade Food is my favourite. I love to indulge myself in, and know about various cultures and traditions. And just like Potter, I too want to see most of the world and hopefully someday be  ‘Living out of a suitcase’.

I’m really excited to start my journey as a ‘Blogger’, and something tells me that I am about to learn a lot more than I offer on this little blog. And hopefully this ‘little’ blog may become a huge and successful blog!