Swimming 20 laps over studying and other bad ideas…

Hi there,

So I’ve made it kind of obvious that I blog only when I’m putting off something important (not that blogging isn’t) so let me tell you what that is. I have my finals going on and its my Environmental Management exam tomorrow. I love the subject and everything but I’ve been staring at the same textbook for too long and I refuse to any longer. I mean I’ll resume in 5 minutes because I don’t have a choice. Ugghhh life!

Anyhow, I didn’t want to study so I decided I’ll take a break and go for a swim. Now, taking into consideration that I only exercise say one a year, swimming 20 laps at once it a horrible horrible idea. But I’m stupid so I chose it over studying. So now I’m staring at the book, exhausted and my arms hurt. But the good part is that I finished my workout for like the next three years! Yayy life!

Okay I may be exaggerated the length of my laziness just a little.

Okay I may have just lied.

Anyhow, love you guys! Pray that I do well tomorrow because along with all this crap I did study. I think.



PS: I think this is officially the most random post ever!