Winter Mornings- The toughest time of my life

So everybody loves winters for obvious reasons. But there are two things that I hate about winters the most.

1. Getting out of bed– This is during school time mainly, when I have to get up early and force myself out of bed. Its nice and dark, and comfortable under the covers (and so very warm and cozy).

2. Getting out of the shower– Especially when I’m having a a nice hot water bath. And while I’m taking a shower and I have to apply soap or shampoo, it gets EXTREMELY difficult because as soon as the supply of hot water stops, within the next 2 seconds, I’ll be shivering. And when I have to step out, the floor and everything around is so cold that I can’t possibly step outside.

So those are the two things that I detest about winters, and in particular, of Winter Mornings. What are yours?


Live every moment,

Laugh everyday,

Love beyond words