What to do when you’re bored.

I get bored very often. Not cause I have nothing to do, but sometimes I just have so much to do that I prefer doing nothing (and then later I feel guilty cause I wasted my time!). But nevertheless, I always need to find something to do in my free time. So I decided to make a list of all the things one can do when bored. I have also considered the fact that when someone is bored they tend to do lazy things, because let’s face it, you wouldn’t be bored if you weren’t lazy! Here it goes:

1. Take selfies- There is absolutely nothing better to do than filling your phones memory with selfies. Oh, and you can always go and post them on Instagram tagging them as ‘#shamelessselfies’, or ‘#selfiesunday’, even though it may not be a sunday because let’s face it, you WANT to be a cool kid.  

2. Watch YouTube videos (preferably funny ones)- The best thing about this is that you will burn calories without even realising it! (I just made you a whole lot more interested, didn’t I?). This is because you will be in absolute fits of laughter, therefore you will end up working those abs.

3. Get some rest!- If you are anything like me, then you need to sleep or take a nap. I barely sleep at night and I’m tired through out the day and one way to just kill time is to sleep. You can even try lucid dreaming which is basically when you are able to control your dreams.

4. Be a pain- Call/impose on your friends whether they like it or not (because chances are that you are going to absolutely enjoy watching them get pissed). Go on, go do it now!

5. Stop being a goddamn lazy douche bag, get up and do what you’re supposed to! You know what I’m talking about. GO! Do it! 




Why you still reading this?


Get your lazy ass of the seat and do what you’re supposed to.







I think not. 


Do you want me to come there? No?




-The awesome sauce of Weasley


The lengths I go to NOT study!

Hi there,

Long time no see! I’m sorry, I again have nothing to blame but the forever increasing and terribly annoying school work! Yes, we Asians are terribly over worked. Lol. But seriously I’m so tired of studying and homework and I’m just blogging to procrastinate and not study for my huge-50 marks Economic test. Yes, I know I’m just filled with bad ideas.

The thing is I really missed blogging. I really do love it and I love it even more when you guys comment. I promise to write something amazing very soon and I apologize for the rant. If you read till here…I just found my new bestie! Thanks for being patient guys!

Tired and weary,



Guest Post Granger!

Ever wondered how Potter and Weasley are functioning without their beloved Granger? Well, we have. And that’s the reason we are dying to introduce to you *drum roll* Guest Post Granger!

So we’e basically going to get our friends to write something new and interesting..there are going to be a lot of different Granger’s but they are all equally important to us!

If you’d like to guest blog for us leave a comment or send us an e-mail at potterweasley@gmail.com.

Yours forever,

Potter and Weasley

PS: Sorry about not blogging regularly…we seriously lack both, inspiration and energy!





My blogging experience.

When Potter and I decided to have a blog I was super excited about it. I was excited to share my experience and I also thought it would keep me in practice of writing. It’s not like I’ve been writing essays or anything. Sometimes you realize that a picture is sufficient enough to share your thoughts.

However so far I have realized that the real experience is in reading someones else’s blog and being able to relate to it or hear their opinions which sometimes are very different, but not wrong. Being involved in someones life who you wouldn’t have otherwise known, or simply just listening to their side of the story and may be even questioning their perspective.

And the real joy is not just in publishing a post, but in reading the comments of your readers, and listening to their side of the argument.

It is not just in sharing from which I, as a blogger, get the joy. But it is in listening to the stories and perspectives of people who I will possibly never know. And that is the real ‘Blogging Experience’.