Let’s join the army!

Tanks! Guns! Weaponry!

Will you believe me if I said I rode a tank? Or posed with a real-actual gun? Or sat in a vessel from which missiles are fired?

I really don’t know if you will, Weasley believes you won’t. But it’s true. The two of us actually visited an army base camp! (We were on an educational trip from school and they surprised us by taking us to an actual army base.) We would love to post a few pictures but turns out we can’t since  our nations security will be at risk then. I know right? Very sad.

I’m so charged and inspired right now! I also happen to feel very patriotic after this visit. It wasn’t only because of those bloody cool weapons or the childish excitement of walking with people in uniforms but it was also because of the joy you feel after meeting real heroes. The ones that literally take a bullet to keep us safe!

I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is and how soldier-like you feel when you do something like this!

Hug your soldier friend and appreciate their job! They’ll feel really happy and you’ll be guaranteed a tank ride, which by the way happens to be wayy too much fun!

Oh and side note, I’m joining the army.

Love you,


PS: If your a soldier or army person, thanks for everything you do. You’re my hero!


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