Quotable Quotes.

I sit down before my laptop. I’m just bored. I stare at the WordPress page and I’m just like “What the hell do I blog about?”. Then I decide not to. Then after receiving million reminders and threats from Weasley I sit down again. This time I’m motivated. Still totally blank with a collection of zero ideas but I’m motivated. 

Then I decide I must choose a thing to write about and here I am…venting about how I lack inspiration. Thanks for being patient. It must kill you to wait for me to finally arrive at the point. Don’t worry I’m almost there.

So I was reading some totally awesome and totally amazing quotes. I do that all the time. I love smart people and hence things smart people say. So Anyhow, the thing being I started to think about what makes a quote quotable? What makes it so cool? So awe inspiring.

That’s when I realized. The greatest quotes are the most real.They are the most relatable. We read them to discover what we already know but It’s only put out there more beautifully. We know the feeling, and we feel the emotion they portray.  It just feels smarter and more comfortable to understand it when when somebody else says it..because great quotes are often based on taking that risk we fear. 

The question here is whether that’s the right way to accept our own thoughts. Is it that important to fit in.To feel right? To belong? 

Now that’s the thing about great quotes. We all understand them but differently.  We feel them differently but somehow in the same way. That’s probably why the only thing we have in common as humans is those few emotions. The one’s we feel differently. The one’s that  make us feel secure. The one’s that make us belong.




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