OMG!! It’s 2014!

Happy 2014 guys! 

Anyhow, do you have a resolution? I mean I don’t. I will probably come up with something eventually..I mean there is a lot of scope for me changing in someway or accomplishing a big target.

I do, however want a few things from this year. A few things from myself too.

I hope this year gives me a lot of opportunities and I want to be alert and courageous enough to take them.

I hope this year forces me out of my comfort zone (occasionally). I wish to be brave enough to meet the challenge.

I hope this year allows me to experience some things I must. I also hope I enjoy most of them.

I hope this year gives me to experiment. To do awesome things, great things and sometimes lame and stupid ones too. I wish I’m smart enough to not repeat the stupid ones.

I hope this year helps me to get to know my friends better. I wish to put myself and my selfishness aside to actually accomplish this.

I hope this year blesses me with lots of more followers and makes our blog really incredible! I pray to God that I’m able to retain these followers and give them something to look forward too. Unlike posts like these (wink!)

I hope this year gives YOU whatever you try really hard for. Stay hopeful and patient. I’m convinced it will.

Live. Laugh. Love.



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