So most of you may not even want to know, or may not even care about this post, cause it is pretty random. 

Most of you may know them cause they are pretty famous. They upload loads of fun videos regularly and are sure to make you laugh. They also have these collaborations where they usually perform these really funny and silly tasks which you can most definitely sometimes try with your friends. And I don’t even exactly know why I’m sharing this, but I am, so here it goes:

These are the names of their YouTube channels: (This list is in random order)

1. Tyler Oakley

2. Troye Sivan

3. IISuperWomanII

4. ThatcherJoe

5. PointlessBlog

6. Zoella

7. Marcus Butler

8. sawyerhartman

9. Laina


This list is just of the ones that I watch most often and I, in particular, enjoy the most. If you don’t watch their videos you could check them out and probably tell me your favourites too. 

Some other YouTubers that you may like are: BethanyMota, wickydkewl, danisnotonfire, ZaidAliT, Sprinkleofglitter, PewDiePie and tons more.

If there are any others that you really like, or think I ought to watch then please comment. 🙂

But I seriously suggest you go check them out. Especially if you need a good laugh. 





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