Do you Spill Silly Secrets?

Hi you,

Around 11 of my best friends and I are having a ‘Secret Santa’ among ourselves. I know, my brilliant idea (don’t judge, I promise I’m not as self obsessed as I seem!).  Anyhow, the sad part is that I’m one of the the only few of us actually trying to maintain the ‘secret’ part of it. I know you think me lame but that is the whole freaking point, right?

Well, since I am a blabber mouth I may have told like 2 people but I’m still not as bad as others, Weasley for instance. 

To my friends : I love you guys, each one of you and I also love how we can’t keep things from each other. But seriously  lets surprise one another!

Stop Spilling!

Forever yours,


PS: I know this post makes me seem like a hypocrite since I’m a blabber mouth.

PPS: I’m not (a hypocrite). Its just that I’m genuinely serious about this lame ‘secret’.

PPPS: Sorry, nothing really, just wanted a PPPS! 


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