Weekly Shot #5

What makes you truly happy?

Dancing, music, eating, procrastinating? I don’t know. The question is tough and the answers are many. You can’t choose but you can always explore unlimited options to finally be able to answer this rather puzzling question.

Just an assurance…this is not one of my many philosophical posts, well, I went for a rural development program with school, both Weasley and I did. The objective of it was of course to help the underprivileged but to also realize the importance of things we take for granted, like a comfortable, well lit home.

Anyhow, you may want to ask me how this categorizes as the Weekly Shot. Well, here’s how. When we first began working with Habitat for Humanity, we wondered whether painting houses (the task we carried out) actually benefited anybody. I mean, our doubts were valid but I think we were ignorant about how much the villagers valued having well painted,  beautiful houses. We were working hard and painting hard, all dedicated and focused but this question did not leave our mind, certainly not my mind.

Then I began thinking about why I was painting in the first place, and I discovered that it was  because I wanted to help somebody else, add a smile on a strangers face and that for some reason made me more inclined towards giving my best and working my hardest.

Well, the point of this post is that you MUST go out there and try to do something genuine just to add a smile on someone else’s face. Let it be the smallest gesture but brighten somebody’s day. Spread the love and joy.

This Week’s must-do-activity is, make somebody smile and feel happy, remember, it could be a perfect stranger.

True happiness lies in helping others!




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