Getting to the other side!

Weasley and I are out together for a couple of days. It’s a school trip, exciting right? Well, guess what? No. So it’s one of those awkward times when you know everybody travelling along with you but you don’t really like them or in our case, don’t know them well enough. Different friends and stuff, you get,right?
Anyway,the good part is, I’ve got her and she’s got me and we’ve got you, to rant to because you’re patient and understanding. We’ve also got J and she’s being ultra sweet about it. We love you jackass!!
So the basic point of this post is to discuss situations like these, I mean we all face them all the time. We have two options we can just whine about and not enjoy them because of the sadness we’re dwelling in, or we can look at this as an opportunity to make new friends and have a blast because life’s all about change!
Sadly, we are in between at the moment, honestly more towards the first option! But we’re trying to enjoy. We have made a successful start, we had fun moments with others! It’ll soon be okay,I hope!

Trying to get to the other side,


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