Happy Birthday Jackfruit!

Dear Weasley,

Okay, I’m posting this right now because we’ll be travelling tomorrow and I’ll be with you, so it won’t even be secretive! Anyhow, readers, you are not going to understand a whole lot of stuff I write here, because Weasley and I have way too many inside jokes. So here I go.

Monti, along with being the cutest and most adorable people I know, you are also one of the sweetest, most caring and super warm. I love you for all the laughs we’ve had, all the gossip we’ve shared and all the times we’ve been so mean and bitchy together. Not only do your jokes make me laugh all weird but your smile makes my world go round..get it? 

I love you even though you’re fatter than a blue whale and lost more than half the time. I love you even though you’re going to start a fresh batch of jokes about how tiny I am! And I’ll even love you when you when you don’t love me as much!!

Weasley, We aren’t just best friends, we’re sisters. LOL! And bt-dubs your birthday, it’s going to rock! We’ll party super hard. I promise, okay? 

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Stay cute. Love you too much. 



PS: You better cry after reading this!

PPS: I want cake!


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