My sleepwalking incident- I am perfectly normal. I think.

So a few days ago I woke up and noticed something strange. I woke up to realize I was in my mums bedroom. At first I didn’t react, but then a second later I was in shock!

Let me rewind a bit… So I have my own bedroom where I sleep every night. Occasionally if my dad’s out of town for work I sleep next to my mum in her bedroom (cause then I get to stay up late night watching TV- I don’t have a television in my room). But that morning when I woke up I was in shock because I clearly remembered going off to sleep in my own bedroom the previous night.

On asking my mom how I ended up there she said that I came in last night and just plopped beside her. She made some space for me and assumed that I probably had a horrible nightmare. (And when I woke up she was complaining how uncomfortable it was for my dad and her since I occupied a huge amount of space! – which is not true by the way).

My conclusion: I was sleepwalking.

I have always known that I sleep talk and that never comes of a great surprise to me, but that night I did both! My mum also told me she asked me something and I responded with a vague syllable.

So obviously after this incident took place I FREAKED OUT! I considered the possibility of having some kind of psychological problem. So I did some research (again, don’t judge me please. I can be very geeky). I found out that this was nothing of major concern and that I was perfectly normal. And since it wasn’t a repetitive action I had nothing to worry about. I read a couple of other incidents too which were rather worse than mine and interesting! Besides I have only sleep walked once (or only once I’m aware of) so I’m pretty sure I’m normal 😉







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