Weekly Shot #2

Hey you,

Okay, I know the week is coming to an end, at least for me back here at home. I don’t get time zones, but that’s a different story and please don’t get me started on it! But I’m so so sorry for being late.

Okay, so for the second Weekly Shot, I recommend to you The 30 second dance party!

Yeah. I know a lot of you Greys Anatomy fans out there will be like,”yeah sure that’s fun!” but a lot of you will be like, “yeah sure..so NOT fun!”

I don’t love GA or anything but I sure do love the idea! I mean my crazy friends and I tried  but failed, because…

a) It was lunch break and thus no music. And…

b) We laughed too hard to actually enjoy the dancing bit!

But whatever, go out there, have a 30 second dance party and let your hair down! Because however wanna-be-ish or stupid it may sound, we all deserve to enjoy. To laugh. To be really wild. Make the most of the those 30 seconds people, it’s pretty easy to have fun, no?




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