So here’s the thing; I CAN’T SING!

[That rhymed, and it was totally unintentional]

The other day there was a music competition in my school. Each contestant was first auditioned and chosen among others to represent one of the four houses we have at school.

So the day had come. After long hours of practicing, these singers had to go up on stage and perform. Out of all the contestants, most of them seemed unusually conscience (shouldn’t it be cautious?) and extremely nervous.

Now what amused me was the fact that those guys did not even realize that they were the ones chosen to represent their house among a 1000 others, and if they were chosen they were obviously amazing singers! But it seemed as if they were questioning their ability on stage. Some of them were unable to move and almost looked stoned with only their lips moving. I understand that a lot of people have stage fright, but I’m pretty sure not all of them did.

The singers would occasionally look up, and then look down again. Even if they were singing happy songs, they lacked the smile and the free-ness (I’m not sure if that’s a word) they should have had. They never matched the mood of the song simply because they just looked down at nothingness and only moved their lips. What had they to be afraid of?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. All my life I’ve been pleading God to give me such a voice. A voice those amazing singers have. So what I don’t understand is that why weren’t they enjoying themselves when no one was even judging them? In fact the audience was at its loudest before and after each and every contestants performance. And trust me, their voices were incredible, and I kept feeling worse after every performance  because I can’t sing without sounding like a dying frog horrible.

If any of you readers can sing, then you are without a doubt THE MOST DIVINE BEING to me!


P.S: Keep singing, even if you sound like a dying toad or whatever else. Chances are I’ll be worshiping you too. 😉


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